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Warm Bodies: Over 15's Need Not Apply

Warm Bodies, the necrophilia-inciting love romp, suffers horribly from overdosing on the 'Twilight treatment'. It bulges with a hip soundtrack and an infuriating inability to leave anything to ambiguity. It's nice to imagine Jonathan Levine's satirical rom-zom-com was at one stage provocative, or aimed at an audience older than 15. After a Summit Entertainment marketing attack, however, the remains are simply scraps of a well-made film that wash over you imperceptibly. The complexity of the film starts at 'twisted adaptation of Romeo and Juliet', and ends with, 'but really, what if Romeo was a zombie?'. The film is littered with references to the overused Shakespearian love-conundrum, including its very own balcony scene as well as naming the main characters 'R' and 'Julie'. And therein lies Warm Bodies' mortal flaw: it batters you about the ears with uninteresting sentimentality and teen-angst humour, lacking any semblance of the subtle approach.

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