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Silver Linings Playbook, Or How To Write a Feel Good Film

David O Russell’s signature dissonant conversations have never been more suitable. A patchwork of complete human dysfunction gilded with a sweet sentimentality, Silver Linings Playbook is sharp. Most of the main characters have one mental disorder or another and all clash with each other in stream of consciousness rants or deliberate faux pas. Russell skilfully avoids any caricatures by rationalising erratic behaviour: Bradley Cooper's character, Pat Solatano, largely reacts the way he does because he's a man with a broken-heart, having stumbled upon his wife cheating on him in the shower; Jennifer Lawrence's character, Tiffany, lashes out at the world through sexual promiscuity because her husband died tragically. The supporting characters too are the catalysts for, under the circumstances, rational behaviour as they are constantly manipulating the fallibility of Pat's personality. It becomes an invaluable device as Russell quickly shifts the focus away from the draining detailing of abnormal psychological behaviour to the importance of love, luck and faith. 

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