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Oblivion: Sci-Fi Nerd Heartbreaker

I'm sorry sci-fi nerds - and I use the term lovingly - this is another fascinating fictional world marred by its big-budget aim on audiences other than yourselves. Based on the graphic novel of the same name and creator, Oblivion is a plausibly constructed sci-fi world, even if it lacks the intrigue it was aiming for. Jack Harper (Cruise) and his companion, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), have been commissioned by the human race to defend energy generators from Scavengers: an alien race that have lost the war for Earth, but remain in covert pockets across the globe.   Supposedly, Earth was rendered inhospitable for humans and the surviving population has taken refuge on a monumental space station. There are issues with the premise and the world Joseph Kosinski has crafted here. The film's dreary progression fuels your skepticism, instead of placating it. The final reveal does settle most logical qualms and leaves a comfortable amount of ambiguity, even if you've completely checked out halfway through.

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