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Fill up on a bread bowl with soup

This article originally appeared on Touring Bird.

When someone mentions traditional Icelandic dishes, odds are they’re talking about the items on the tiny menu at Icelandic Street Food. A low-key spot in the middle of the city, this place offers three main dishes: the fisherman’s favorite, or a choice of lamb or shellfish soup served in a hollowed-out hunk of bread. The former is an intense blend of potatoes, cod, onions and hollandaise sauce, served with the ubiquitous rye bread and butter, but it’s the latter that grabs your attention: An entire loaf is hollowed out, into which they pour your stew of choice. The only implement you’re given is a spoon, throwing you into a tactical game of slurping and bread-ripping to keep the whole thing from dissolving in front of you. If you’ve still got room afterward, try a traditional happy marriage cake (made from oats and strawberry jam) or the simply delicious pancakes.

Sean Sebastian