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Drink to The Dude with a White Russian

This article originally appeared on Touring Bird.

This might be the only themed bar in Reykjavik and, inexplicably, that theme is the Coen brothers’ cult classic film “The Big Lebowski.” What significance The Dude has to Iceland’s capital is unclear, but Lebowski Bar throws together a whacky mix of ’50s American diner decor, late-night club, and of course, White Russians. Speaking of which, there are approximately 24 variations of the Dude’s favorite cocktail on offer, including the vegan Tree Hugger, made with soy milk; the White Shamrock, made with Irish whiskey; and the Green Toe, made with menthe liqueur. Turn up on a Friday and Saturday for a night of dancing, drinking, and random chants of “Shut the f--- up, Donny!”

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